Aneitra is the owner of Details ‘R Essential, a project consulting company that provides Design & Project Development Support to individuals and businesses to ensure their brand image and message are consistent. What makes her business unique is the time she takes to make sure her clients’identities are showcased and are representative of their vision and values. When she is not working on client projects,she loves goingwhale watching, eating popcorn and watching a good movie, or spending time with family and friends. In addition to working on client projects, Aneitra teaches in-depth Vision Boarding classes from her book VISION. 

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or by telephone at 877-930-8486.

Cassandra Howard is the CEO and owner of Finding Voices Playwright Academy coaching (FVPAC) for African American boys’ages 6-14 years old. Cassandra believes that African American boys lackopportunity to tell their stories, share their brillianceor showcase their talents. The FVPAC will create a platform to teach them how to present themselves in front of an audience, to learn the importance of tone, body language and its effectiveness. The boys will also be presented with options to become the star in their own personally-named production. Cassandra is known for her listening abilities and her skill in bringingout the best in others. Cassandra is also known for her ability to teach beyond the obvious, through deep research and study in order to unveil the true meaning of text or conversation. She was a Bible-School teacher for the youth-teaching teenagers for over 10 years, and currently volunteers from time-to-time to teach Wednesday night adult Bible-study classes. From 2004-2022, Cassandra’s productions included work with several local churches, a federal agency, a local hospital, schools and the Delta SigmaTheta Sorority. She has over 18 years of experience, which includes 12 productions. Most of those venues were sold-out or all seats-filled events, averaging from 100-to over 800 people in attendance at each performance.When Cassandra is not writing-directing plays, she can be found walking 10K steps daily, recording Christian-filled messages on Saturdays, and downloading them onto Facebook. She’s an avid-lifelong student of God’s word. She works out on average five-times a week. Cassandra enjoys reading, and spending time with her husband, daughters and grandchildren. Cassandra considers it an honor to be a part of the Woman Christian CEO sisterhood, a powerful group in which she wishes to collaborate with in the future. Currently, Cassandra is writing a production with an expected completion date at the end of 2022


 In 1989, Pastor Dawn Crumble humbly accepted the call and mantle of intercession prayer on her life. Pastor Dawn Crumble once again said yes to God and in January 2015, Women Who Pray Ministries (WWPM), an ordained and consecrated ministry, came into fruition. WWPM stays true to its mission to serve hurting women, coast to coast and border to border. As a result of this commitment WWPM has grown from eight (8) members to thousands and represented in seventeen countries.

From the humble beginnings of eight members, Women Who Pray Ministries has grown into a “tree of life” for many, with several ministry platforms lead by Pastor Dawn and her team:

·      5 AM Prayer

·      Prayer Intensifies New Knowledge Summit

·      Based on the Word with Pastor Marthenia Satterfield

·      Wednesday at The Well with Evangelist Robbie Jones

·      She Pour Teaching Series with Dr. Karen Gentry

·      Dismantling the Spirits 12-Night Revival

·      Friday Night Live

·      Winning with My Sisters

·      A Certain Woman


With this mandate on Pastor Dawn’s life, she endeavors to teach God’s people about the ministry and gift of prayer through group events, teaching series, and prayer summits. Prayer is her passion and she is called upon by many to intercede for Pastors specifically. Pastor Dawn Crumble is prayer and women’s conference speaker, equipping church leaders and members in the area of prayer.


Pastor Dawn is a contributing author in the award-winning book, “Resilience in Hard Times”, earning the place of number one best seller with Amazon in many categories. Additionally, on her writing table are her upcoming books, teaching manual and devotional.

·      Until Something Happens ~ Waiting on the Manifestation of Your Prayers (book and teaching manual)

·      Abandoned No More ~ Redemption, Forgiveness and Victory in The Face of Abortions Grip and God’s Grace

·      Prayer Got Me Through ~ Devotional & Journal


Pastor Dawn currently serves under the Pastoral leadership of Pastors OJ and DeLesa Swanigan at The Light Christian Church in Sacramento. She is honored to serve also side this dynamic team. Pastor Dawn currently attends Epic Bible College where she is studying to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Counseling. 


She is also the founder of Zion Girls Leadership and Collegiate Preparatory Academy; an academic and life skills academy for girls of incarcerated parents. Pastor Dawn lives in Sacramento, CA with her two daughters, Loren and Sydney.

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Denise Johnson is an award-winning designer, director, CEO and chief strategist of DSJ Designed™. As an innovator, creator, visionary, and trendsetter, Denise is redefining what it means to be a woman CEO in today’s society. Growing up Denise was challenged with a diversityof respiratoryissues resulting in much time spent in and out of the hospital. As an outlet and mental escape from the day-to-day in-patient routines she became very drawn to creative design. Practicing her craft over and over, learning how to execute meticulous details and building relationships all stemmed from the confinements of a hospital bed. Shortly after receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, Denise began building clientele and in 2018 DSJ Designed™ became an official trademarked entity. As a natural introvert creativity has always been a way of expressing herself and exploring new ideas. Denise has earned several awards for providing exceptional graphic design support to corporate employees, hundreds of field offices, and ongoing projects within one of the largest, charismatic, religious organizations in the world which is comprised of a rapidly growing membership of over six million people worldwide.When Denise is not designing graphics, teaching courses or meeting with clients, she spends her time being a mother to her three children and a wife to her husband of 20 years. These are her greatest joys and most proud accomplishments. In addition to all of her achievements Denise is also a marketing and branding strategist who travels nationally as speaker sharing her journey and business expertise with other entrepreneurs. Denise pairs a broad range of creative leadership experience in brand strategy, graphic design and marketing. Her signature designs and unique creative insight has produced a multiplicity of unparalleled campaigns and corporate narratives. Denise is focused on sharing her expertise and expanding the DSJ Designed™ brand by utilizing her artistry techniques and detailed-oriented skill to drive team collaboration, increase client relationships, and deliver high impact creative solutions for all business genres.


Dr. Rosetta A. Simon was born in Birmingham, Alabama amongst 5 other siblings; you can say she is very proud of her southern roots. It was during her teenage years, around the age of 17 that she would move to Southern California with her mother and 5 other siblings to begin her new life. Dr. Simon went on to finish her high school education and even continued to college. Later following, Dr. Rosetta Simon found the love of her life and has been happily married to Royce Simon Jr. for nearly 35 years. Together they have a beautiful daughter Dr. Lauren Chanel Simon, who is her mother’s greatest gift from God. Dr. Simon also has the joy of caring for her niece Temetrice Stroman who she has had since the age of 5 ½ years old. One of Dr. Rosetta Simon’s finest principles is that “Knowledge is Power” and she firmly believes in education. Professionally, she has not only practiced nursing for 23 years, but has also held an active nurse’s license specializing in wound care for over 30 years. Dr. Simon is a woman of many talents who holds many hats. She holds a Master of Science in Health Service Administration, a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, and a PhD in Theology. To add to that, Dr. Rosetta Simon is also a certified Life Coach and Ordained Minister, as well as a certified Human Trafficking Advocate. Her purpose in life is to assist couples in their relationships, to make their connection stronger, as well as to assist young men and women in their God given purpose.  


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Gabriella is now available for one-on-one coaching and consultations. She can be reached at 510-302-9450
Facebook: Dispatching4Life, on IG  or visit her website at www.dispatching4life.com

Gabriella Sanders A big believer in creating your best life, supports self-care and good mental health. Gabriella is long-time emergency police, fire, and medical dispatcher in a large metropolitan area. She assists the city's citizens with all of their emergency and non-emergency needs in this role. Gabriella is no stranger to keeping calm while maintaining a good stress level and focusing on self-care and mental health. Having spent over 15 years as a Public Safety Communications Dispatcher, trainer, speaker, creator of workshops, and six years as a Master Life/Professional Coach, Gabriella has created a pathway to living one's best life. While having a successful career in helping the public during some of the most frightening times of their lives, she has begun to coach others in creating their best life. Once a person has discovered and prioritized the most important things in one's life then your ability to identify what has to change in order to create what you want. That is the first step in placing yourself on that path to a good life. Gabriella practices her self-care time by reading novels, traveling, and loving on her family.


Karen Murrey is the CEO and Owner of Evolving to Transformation, LLC. She is a Certified Empowerment Coach for women and the author of “Etiquette of a Lady.”  She has helped women overcome and transform into their best selves. Her essential belief is for women to be emotionally healthy, healed, and whole. Karen has been in leadership roles and has worked as a leader in the community. She mentored young ladies under a program she began in 2013, “Etiquette of a Lady,” inspired by her published book. ​Karen has always had a heart for helping others but holds a special place in her heart for aspiring young ladies. She worked as a crisis counselor for the Tri-Parish Crisis program.  Karen also worked as part of Southeast Advocates for Family Empowerment (SAFE), a non-profit organization for survivors of domestic violence, where she counseled victims of domestic violence.  ​Karen is a graduate of the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and continuing her education. She currently resides in North Little Rock, Arkansas, with her husband of 24+ years. Her hobbies include making “Therapy for the Lady and All Others” spa gift baskets and candle making. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband and personal time. 

Her book is available online at amazon.com and will be available on her website and in bookstores soon

For program renderings or bookings:
Website is www.evolvingtothebestyou.com.
Contact Karen at  contact@evolvingtothebestyou.com.


For program renderings or bookings:
If you are interested in learning more about Keesha, her business or how she can assist you with business operational support, you can contact her by any of the methods listed:
Instagram: @keeshanicolehill

Keesha Hills, affectionately known as “Lady Hills” is a native of the Sacramento area. She currently resides in Chico, CA with her husband, a local pastor(Faith Temple International Ministries), along with their 2 young vibrant children. Over the course of the last 20 years Keesha has gained a substantial amount of experience working in various administrative capacities with both for-profit and non-profit companies –many of which were startups. In her most recent experience, she helped grow a small minority-based nonprofit (the Oroville Southside Community Improvement Association) into a 6-figure enterprise that is currently scaling into 7-figures. With the knowledge that she has gained over the years in business administration, operations, and management she decided to step out in faith and start her own company –a business support firm that provides operational, launch and strategy support to service-based entrepreneurs within for-profit and non-profit industries. Her decision to launch her company has not come without health challenges but her tenacity and faith in God has and continues to drive her towards success. She believes that every entrepreneur has the capability but should also have the ‘capacity’to build a business that they no longer have to do ‘everything’, but rather focus on what they do bestand are most passionate about. Her most successful client so far has been with the Woman Christian CEO, serving as the Operations Manager for the company. Her overarching goal is to help her clients create a business of purpose and legacy that will functionand eventually outlive them, and she plans on doing this through her agency of Virtual Assistants (VA’s), Online Business Mangers (OBM’s) and Director of Operations (DOO’s).


Knollegga Turayisa Human Services Specialist for Sacramento County.She has been in the human services field for over five years. When she is not working, she is coaching. Knollegga, also known as Knolls,is a Certified Life Coach and in 2020 she created a Coaching program called Ignite Her! She works with women ages 21-45 who are seeking to rediscover themselves. The mission of her program is to ignite the fire inside of women who might have forgotten how powerful they possess. She believes that each one of us has a story to tell and that sometimes we forget who we are because of life challenges. Her goal is to make every woman that goes through her program to feel powerful and unafraid to tell their story. Knollegga is also a Director of Upendo Care Services, a home health program that provides services to adults with mental and intellectual disabilities. Outside of work and coaching, Knollegga is a part of a group in her Kenyan community called SADOK(Sons and Daughters of Kenya). She is also a member of the Sacramento Chapter of BGSC (Black Girls Social Club) and the secretary of her church,Family Prayer House. Out of all the roles she has, her most favorite one is being wife to her husband AB and mother to her two beautiful children Saharah and AB IV. She enjoys spending time with her family and loved ones, taking her children to the park, journaling and reading. She is currently working on opening spots in her coaching program as well as a journal

For program renderings or bookings:
Knollegga can be reached by
email at knollegga@gmail.com, 
or visit her website www.knolls2ray.com.

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LeeAnn is now available for coaching and consultations.  
She can be reached at grigsbyleeann@gmail.com.

Lee Ann Grigsby is the Founder & CEO of Chaos to Calmness,LLC. She is a wife, mom, grandmother, sister, friend, and community advocate who realized that many of her accomplishments came with a lot of chaos that left her lost and frustrated, but determined to reimagine the world she wanted. Lee Ann chose to be a single mom twice. Being a single mom was compounded with the trauma from her dysfunctional family history and her decision to marry late in life. She made a personal commitment to provide her children with a more stable environment than the one she had been forced to experience. She entered the medical field and worked her way through every department in the hospital from the night laundry to administration. As the Director of Medical Records,she began her my own consulting firm, Lee Grigsby Consulting, specializing in Medicare Reimbursementwhich continues to serve its purpose. Lee Ann, the community advocate, puts her efforts wherever there is a need. She is a volunteer firefighter and a politician. She is currently working on a project to prevent her community from flooding during the winter seasons which will become the national model for flood management. Lee Ann is a Life Coach. Her experiences became her greatest strengths.

Today, her toolbox is sharpened and she is well-equipped to address community concerns. Chaos to Calmness, LLC was created to help others transition through tough situations into calm, positive life choices.