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My name is Sheya Atterberry-Chisenga. I am the wife of Terry Matikili Chisenga of 13years, mother to Rose & Marjorie Kasuba-Chisenga.


I began my entrepreneur journey in 2004 joining a direct sales company called Warm Spirit.I fell in love with the idea of how they were helping women in self-care and finding their life’s purpose. This led me to become a Certified Master Life Coach in 2009 from Dream Mentors International. I launched my coaching practice in January 2010 without having a clue on how to attract clients and build a successful business.


The opportunity of a lifetime came in May 2010, when my job of 8 years eliminated my position. This led me to go full-time into business, but I failed miserably. I spent money going from one event to the next and buying all types of business products trying to find how to build a business. After trying everything I could, I went back to work as an entry-level bank teller earning $13.00 per hour in August of 2012. I was despondent and depressed, but my calling would not allow me to give up. I took this time to start from scratch. I worked to become clear on whom I was called to serve and what solutions I provide in the marketplace.


In September 2013, I leaped out on faith again and retired from Corporate America officially. I re-launched my full-time coaching business. In the beginning, things started off GREAT with me earning over $2,000 per month. Within four short months the money dried up, and I had no clients. Bills were due, and I was in trouble. I knew going back to a job was not an option, so I kept moving forward. I learned how to attract my ideal clients -those who were willing to invest in themselves. I created a solid business model that generates income consistently. The business revenue now is $8000 plus per month.Today, I develop my products, which include books, business tools & resources and I host MY live SOLD-OUT events.


We open our entrepreneurial center in March of 2016 for business and professional businesswomen. Not only that, but I am alsonow a college graduate of Grand Canyon University with a bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies. In January 2017 I was ordained as Missionary-Evangelist through Church of God in Christ, Inc. This is all because I Answer the Call to pursue my destiny!


I have been able to overcome a failed business to show other women like YOU how to take your God-given vision and create the life he has waiting for you. The life that allows you to use your gifts to glorify God, serve people by telling your story, making MONEY doing what you love & are CALLED to do while supporting your family as well as your mission.


Within our organization, we have published over 100 new authors, certify 75 life coaches, and have worked with over 100 women leaders helping them launch profitable life coaching businesses. I created the“It’s My Time to Rise Business Institute & Entrepreneurial Center for Women,” to give women everything they need to create the life they love while building a profitable business & ministry.


We are very excited that you are interested in the Woman Christian CEO Empowerment Coaching & Leadership School. Our Business and Empowerment School is for women leaders who are looking to align their businesses with their purpose and learn how to monetize their talents, expertise, and knowledge.This business school is for the new startup and seasoned entrepreneur. Our programs are perfect for authors, coaches, speakers, small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, pastors, and ministry leaders.