Learn the 5 Pillars to Build Consistency, Longevity and a Thriving Profitable 

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I started my coaching business in 2009. I was utterly clueless about what it took to build a profitable and thriving coaching business. I tried many coaches’ programs, they all were missing one thing, they didn’t align with my values.  Over time, I took bits and pieces of what I learned from each program and discovered how to become a successful Christian coach. As I began to work with other coaches and walk them through the five pillars, we became purpose and mission driven. This new mindset led to attracting our ideal community and tribe, generating more income by doing the work we love without sacrificing our values. This guide is the perfect tool for you to align your business with your values, attract your ideals client, and increase your income.


Sheya Chisenga, Founder, The Woman Christian CEO Coaching and Leadership School.

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In this guide, you will learn:

The five pillars serve as the foundation for how you operate as a business. Each pillar stands on its own, but altogether, they support and make each other strong. You cannot have one without the other. These elements serve as the framework and guide for helping you create financial freedom in your business.


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